Why “What Is Love?” Is One of the Most Googled Questions

The meaning of love is a timeless question with no definitive answer. We’re not here to answer the question, but we want to talk about why people ask it.

According to Google Search, the question “What is love?” was one of the most searched queries in 2014. It seems that people Googled it five times more than the question “What is science?”

But when you ask about love, you’re not just asking about something definitive. You’re asking about something that’s quite difficult to explain.

A crash course on love

When someone asks about the meaning of love, they’re not just searching for an answer to that question. They also want to know if it really exists.

Imagine asking that question, wondering if you’ve ever experienced love. For others, it could also be a question of whether or not it’s happening to them now.

We’re not exactly answering the question today, but we’d like you to look at what happens when a person loves or is in love.

Love is considered as a significant burst of emotion that can last for a long time. It can also be fleeting, but one thing is certain: love makes you feel. Although, what you are feeling may be up for discussion, because there’s a chance that it could just be infatuation or a glitch in your brain – hormonal imbalances can cause changes in emotion and perception.

The truth is that love causes a mental and physical change in your body. Some of those changes can affect you permanently, like finally learning how it feels to love and be loved, as well as learning what it feels like to not be loved.

Feeling love seems easy, but knowing if it’s real love can be quite difficult. I guess that’s why people turn to Google.

Why did so many people Google “What is love?”

In 2012, “What is love?” was the number one question that people asked Google. This was also the same year that was considered to be the peak of the global economic crisis.

At that time, experts assumed that the lack of financial security made people cling harder to the idea of love. If money couldn’t sustain, then maybe love could.

Aside from the question “What is love?” it seems that a lot of people also asked the question “Am I in love?” In this regard, we can confirm that people attribute asking the question to finding love and confirming whether they are in love.

From a point of conjecture, the one reason that stands out for me is that there’s a significant lack of love in the world. It is true that compared to past generations, ours is a more accepting and loving society, but it can also be the most heartless and most violent.

With a world like ours right now, it’s no surprise that people will struggle to find the meaning of love, because they can hardly see it through all the pain and suffering.

I’m not saying that we are in a dystopian society lacking in hope and a future. But looking at the other side of the fence, where the grass is yellowed and drying, you can’t help but ask “What is love?” followed by an afterthought, “Because I sure as hell don’t know if it exists right now.”

This lack of a visible symbol can be attributed to a variety of reasons. Some of those are minute in comparison to others, but we can’t belittle any of those reasons. Once we do, there’d be no point left in asking the question in the first place.

Here are a few reasons why people might be Googling the question “What is love?”

#1 Etymology. Some people just want to know what it literally means. It’s almost impossible not to hear the word love. It is one of the most widely translated words in the world.

If you look hard enough, you might find a dialect that does not have a translation, but you would be hard-pressed to find one that doesn’t have at least some word that links to desire, longing, warmth, and heart.

#2 First discovery. It’s not impossible to imagine a little kid asking an unassuming search engine about love. Some have never pondered the question and would finally like to know what all the hullabaloo is about.

#3 Understanding happiness. Experiencing love is usually connected to achieving happiness. That’s why so many people think that it’s the ultimate end goal, aside from economic security, that is.

When someone feels happiness with another person, be it family, friends, or significant other, they might ask what love is in order to confirm whether or not it’s what they’re feeling at that moment.

#4 Dealing with pain. The downside to love is that a lack of it or losing it may cause pain. Some people will ask what it is in order to understand where their pain is coming from. It could also be a way to confirm if what they felt before was real, and if there’s still a chance for them to experience it again.

#5 Knowing the different types of love. Understanding what love feels like can help people deal with the emotions that they are experiencing. They might be falling for a friend and are wondering if it’s true. Some might also wonder what it’s like to fall in love, as opposed to loving your family from the day you were born.

#6 Knowing if the love they’re experiencing is right or wrong. Some people might ask this to see if they are in the relationship that they want. Sometimes, loving someone can end up being wrong, especially when you’re feeling pain.

It could also be asked by someone who was wondering whether or not the love they are feeling is coming from the right place and not out of pity, guilt, or a sense of duty.

#7 Finding it. If you were looking for something, the first thing you’d have to do is find out what, exactly, it is you’re looking for. It is as simple as that. Once you know what it is you’re yearning for, the search for it will be a little bit easier.

No matter what the reason for clicking that “Search” button is, the issue still stands. There is a question that needs to be answered, and Google is one of the many sources people can turn to in order to understand it.

So, what’s the point of asking about love

Just like how love is lost in some places around the globe, there are also places that spread love in exponential amounts.

With the help of the Internet, finding love is now easier and more accessible. And remember that it’s not just romantic love that keeps us all going. Love for friends, love for family, love for our fellow man – you can find those all on Google. The year 2014 was a stellar year for love.

You could see it through the news, where people from all over the globe helped those in need. You can see it with all the people who posted positive stories and achievements in equality. So, why are people still searching for it?

Maybe it’s because they are in need of people to give them a boost and show them what love really is.

At one point or another, as long as someone has something positive to say about love, it will reach you. Unless you lock yourself inside your basement without any form of communication, you will find love. You don’t even have to Google it. Just go out into the world and see for yourself.

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